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A Directory of Paging Service Providers is under perpetual construction. Please click on the "Directory" button above. Carriers that want to be listed, need only submit the information about their companies via e-mail. To submit your company's information, just click here left arrow and send me the information.


pagerman Hello, I am Brad Dye. Welcome to my homepage — THE PAGING INFORMATION RESOURCE — a collection of articles about Radio Paging, Wireless Messaging, and Wireless Data communications.

If you are involved in Wireless Messaging. Paging, or Wireless Telemetry, you will find many items of interest on this web site. Recommended wireless products and services can be located by clicking on the PRODUCTS button above. Come on in and browse around. There are over 10,000 files on this site. I hope you find it interesting and helpful. The good stuff about Wireless Messaging, Telemetry, and Paging is in the MAIN TOPICS section.

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Wireless Messaging News

A new issue of the Wireless Messaging News gets posted on the web each week. A notification goes out by e-mail to subscribers on most Fridays around noon central-US time. The notification message has a link to the newsletter on the Internet.


There is no charge for subscription and there are no membership restrictions. The newsletter is supported by advertising. Readers are a very select group of wireless industry professionals, and include the senior managers of many of the world's major paging and wireless data companies. There is an even mix of operations managers, marketing people, and engineers, so I try to include items of interest to all three groups.

This newsletter is independent of any trade association.

  • VoIP
  • Wi-Fi
  • Paging
  • WI-MAX
  • Telemetry
  • Location Services
  • Wireless Messaging

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The following suppliers of equipment and services make The Wireless Messaging News possible. Please tell them that you saw their advertisement in the newsletter and please consider using their products and services.

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Product Support Services

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Ivytalk Connect

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LEAVITT Communications

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Preferred WIRELESS

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Prism-IPX Systems

Nurse call systems, Paging, and much more

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Hark Technologies

Two-Way Paging, Acknowledged Alerting,
and Light Mobile Data

Critical Response SYSTEMS

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Ira Wiesenfeld, P.E.
Consulting Engineer

Ira Wiesenfeld & Associates

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R.H. (Ron) Mercer, Consultant
Tel: 631-786-9359

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Wireless Solutions at Affordable Prices
Easy Solutions 4 You

National Messaging Service Provider

security camera


Monitor your home, or business, “Day or Night.” True motion detection “turn-on and record” for “current” or “future viewing.” May be set up via Wi-Fi using the Wi-Fi capable unit.

All information is on the site:

Your First Choice in Pagers, Paging Systems, LED Signs, Messaging Software, Pager and System Repair Services, and much More.

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High-Performance Paging Transmitters

We’re excited to introduce our new unlimited rate plans, with nationwide voice, text & data starting at $39/month. Or get unlimited voice and text for just $29/month. You can also save even more when you share Solavei with others.

This is a commercial message from Solavei, LLC

allison dye

For more information contact me at or go to:

Allison Dye (Kornberger)
Telephone: 918-814-8142
Tulsa, Oklahoma



I do consulting work in the areas of:
  • One-way Paging
  • Two-way Paging
  • Wireless Messaging
  • Wireless Data
  • Wireless Telemetry
  • Wireless Alarm and Control
  • Business Planning
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Evaluations of Paging Companies
  • Assistance with Buying and Selling Companies
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Brad Dye, Ron Mercer, Allan Angus, Vic Jackson, and Ira Wiesenfeld are friends and colleagues who work both together and independently, on wireline and wireless communications projects. Click here left arrow for a summary of their qualifications and experience. Each one has unique abilities. We would be happy to help you with a project, and maybe save you some time and money.

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One-way Paging

Two-way Paging

Wireless Messaging

Wireless Data

Wireless Telemetry

Alarm and Control

brad dye I work in the radio paging industry. Some of the information included on these pages is personal — about my hobbies and family for example — and some of it is professional. A lot of it is made up of papers about Radio Paging that I wrote several years ago while working for Motorola. I add new information about once a week and occasionally throw away things that are no longer of interest. All of the information here is in the public domain and you are free to use it as you wish. Of course, neither I, nor my former employers, accept any responsibility for its accuracy. I can't guarantee that you will become rich and famous if you follow my advice—some do and some don't. The ideas and opinions expressed here are my own, except for those papers obviously written by others. This site is a community effort.

I am involved in promoting the worldwide use of pagers, both one-way and two-way, and paging on the Internet, so if you would like to share any ideas you have about new and innovative applications, please send them to me. I am very sorry, but due to the large volume of e-mail that I receive, I cannot respond to all the requests for more information on paging. I get a lot of very interesting messages, especially from students from all over the world. Several have asked for help in writing papers at school. As much as I would like to, time just doesn't permit. Thank you for visiting my web site.


Who is this guy?


Welcome message

from other

Here is everything about contacting me in one place: my personal Contact Page .

You can get a good indication of my ideas and experience in Pager Marketing, Paging Infrastructure Sales, and Paging Systems Engineering by reading my various papers on these subjects. There are copies following in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. For additional information about me please read: Who is Brad Dye?

My welcome message : if you are set up for sound, it takes about 30 seconds to download this file at 28.8 Kbps, or about one minute at ±14.4 Kbps, depending on Internet traffic.

Although this web site is not going to be of great interest to the general public, many people searching for information on paging have found THE PAGING INFORMATION RESOURCE to be very helpful. Please read the comments from visitors page. [en español también]


Do you have a product or service that you would like to promote on this web site?

If you have any wireless equipment that you would like to buy or sell, please let me know. I don't charge individuals for listing something for sale. If a sale is made through this newsletter, I ask the seller to send me a 10% commission, much the same as the voluntary payments that are requested on the Internet for shareware. There is no cost to the buyer.

There is a charge for companies wanting to put their products in the newsletter and on my web site. There is no obligation for payment of a commission for this kind of basic advertising. I would be very pleased, however, to get involved in the sales process as a manufacturer representative—for quality wireless products and reputable companies. left arrow CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO



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This is the entrance to the main wireless section. Here you will find all of the articles on paging and wireless data:
  • One-way Paging
  • Two-way Paging
  • Wireless Messaging
  • Wireless Data
  • Wireless Telemetry
  • Wireless Alarm and Control
  • Business Planning
  • Sales and Marketing
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[en español también]
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This section has a few miscellaneous articles, my favorite Spanish poem, my family tree, and other things that don't have anything to do with the wireless industry.

K9IQY Ham Radio page.
CONSULTANTSCheck out this section: Paging and Wireless Data Consultants .

STI Engineering

sti header

250W VHF Paging Transmitter

STI Engineering's RFI-148 250 high performance paging transmitter features true DDS frequency generation that enables precise control and flexibility for a wide range of data transmission applications.

The transmitter is particularly suitable for large simulcast POCSAG and FLEX paging networks and can be used as drop-in replacement of older and obsolete transmitters. The unit has a proven track record in large scale critical messaging systems.

sti tx
  • High power output
    (selectable from 20 W - 250 W)
  • SNMP Diagnostics and alarms
  • Full VHF Band coverage
    (138-174 MHz)
  • DSP precision modulation
  • Integrated isolator
  • Sniffer port for in-rack receiver
  • Remote firmware upgrade capability
  • Software selectable frequency offset
  • Adjustable absolute delay correction
  • Front panel diagnostics
  • Hardware alarm outputs
  • High frequency stability
  • External reference option
  • FCC and ACMA approved
  • CE compliant version in development
sti logo sm 22 Boulder Road Malaga 6090 Western Australia
Telephone:  +61 8 9209 0900
Facsimile:  +61 8 9248 2833

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More than Paging.
First Responder Solutions.

Our patented technology notifies clinical personnel immediately, while tracking who receives and responds to each alarm. Users confirm or defer each event with a single button press, and analytic dashboards display response statistics in real time, as well as historically broken down by time, unit, room, and individual.

Our systems not only notify your personnel quickly and reliably, but also provide actionable feedback to fine-tune your procedures, reduce unnecessary alarms, and improve patient outcomes.

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  • VoIP telephone access — eliminate interconnect expense
  • Call from anywhere — Prism SIP Gateway allows calls from PSTN and PBX
  • All the Features for Paging, Voicemail, Text-to-Pager, Wireless and DECT phones
  • Prism Inet, the new IP interface for TAP, TNPP, SNPP, SMTP — Industry standard message input
  • Direct Connect to NurseCall, Assisted Living, Aged Care, Remote Monitoring, Access Control Systems

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Prism Paging

prism paging

Great Video

Prism Paging has released a terrific video promoting the paging industry and their products. The first link is probably the easiest one for most people to use:

  • Streaming Video from the
    World Business Review web site.
  • To view it using Macromedia Flash, click here .
  • To download a copy for keeping, and viewing on your computer, please click here. This video is in QuickTime 7 format (.mp4), using the latest and greatest H.264 codec for exceptional quality and smaller files. (36 MB)
  • If you don't already have QuickTime installed on your computer, you can download it for free from Apple Computer by clicking here . There are versions for Windows and Macintosh.
  • Or, if you have QuickTime on your computer, try copying and pasting this URL into your QuickTime Player:
Click On The PRISM Logo Above To Visit The PRISM Web Site

Google Wireless Messaging and Paging Information Search Engine Search:

This will search all the past issues of The Wireless Messaging News


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