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Lilburn, Georgia March 30, 2007

Family Members Lack Transportation And Lodging Expenses To Visit Marines In Hospitals: Crucial Time Passes While Marines Anxiously Anticipate The Arrival Of Their Spouses And Kids

     Our brave wounded US Marines are returning from war torn areas of Operation Enduring Freedom-Afghanistan and Operation Iraq Freedom at record rates. They are hospitalized under the best of care in Germany; and then transferred to hospitals in the USA, however, their family members are often unable to see their warriors due to [costly transportation], lodging, meals, and other expenses, which are involved in travel to the hospital locations. It may be weeks before an immediate family member sees their wounded warrior which delays this — needed love — that only family members can provide during this [critical] initial stage of recovery.

     We need to ensure family members are able to be at the bed sides of Marines as soon as arrangements can be made without costly funds being a [strain] on the families. This type of traveling fund is simply not a part of a majority of our heroes' family budgets. Our Marine (Warriors) volunteered and made themselves available when called to duty, while sacrificing all, to protect our nation's well being. In turn, when wounded in action, resources should be made available to readily and immediately support [their] needs in medical recovery.

     Joshua's Mission (Semper Fidelis) is an organization specifically formed to provide financial, educational, spiritual, and morale boosting support to help wounded Marines to [Recover and Rebuild] their lives. Joshua's Mission will provide this support by inviting the general public, corporations, sports figures, all businesses, churches, and other agencies of all types to make donations to our organization. These monies will be used to [defer] the cost of transportation, lodging, meals, and other expenses involved in travel to the hospital where their Marine is being treated.

     The founder, Pat Merkel communicated with a young Marine during 2005 while he was in Iraq. He e-mailed pictures of himself and his team to Pat who felt that these young men were giving so much of themselves, they are all volunteers, they were not drafted into service, but they were in Iraq facing danger. She decided she needed to do something of lasting value for the Marines and other Military members.

     Pat, who is a licensed and ordained minister with the Pentecostal Assemblies of The World, says, “There are many things being done for our Military but there didn't seem to be much being done for the wounded, I decided they needed help.”

     To further show appreciation for our Marine's sacrifices, a Joshua's Mission representative will also go to the hospital to visit the injured Marine and their family members one-on-one to offer spiritual support, friendship and understanding in an effort to boost their morale. A package of personal care and entertainment items will be given to the Marine during one of these visits. Pat states, “Our brave Warriors come from the military hospital in Germany with no personal effects, only the medical equipment supporting them and the hospital gown they have on. Therefore, we will give them personal care items, robes, pajamas, slippers, and other clothes needed to wear while recovering.”

      Additionally, Pat is a volunteer Chaplain's Aide at the local Veterans Hospital in Decatur, Georgia, a reading mentor at a Lilburn school, and has been a local female business owner in the Atlanta area for the past 22 years with customers throughout the United States. Also, she has over 20 years of business management and sales experience in the Telecom Industry in other companies in Georgia and New York.

     Joshua's Mission solely operates to help our wounded Marine Warriors and their families [Recover and Rebuild their lives]. In a strong show of support — military chaplains and Marines of all ranks have already strongly encouraged Pat that what she's doing is so badly needed. Pat says, "They have given so much, now we need to give back! That is what Joshua's Mission is all about. Joshua returned from Iraq physically well, Praise God, but many have not and many will not. We all have to help Them!!! I challenge you to help. Please show your support!!! (Give generously and often.)

     [Please go to the web site at and donate through PayPal, or you can send a check or money order to address below. Joshua's Mission, Incorporated is an IRS certified 501 c (3) Non-Profit corporation registered in the state of Georgia. FEDERAL EIN # 41-2204065 No personal or financial information will be disbursed to 3rd parties. All information from family and donors is confidential.]

Contact: Pat Merkel 770-638-1006

— Press Release —


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