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438 December 31, 2010
  • Horace A. "Trace" Morris, III, 51, of Simpsonville, SC passed away Sunday, December 26, 2010
  • The MRT 2010 “Person of the Year”
  • 2011: The year of the tablet say Motorola, HTC, RIM, HP, Apple, Acer, MSI, Asus, and Dell
  • Report: Apple to ship 5-6 million Verizon compatible iPhones
  • Happy Holidays from Leavitt Communications
    • Used test equipment for sale
    • Derek Banner, Chairman,
      European Mobile Messaging Association
    • Happy New Year
—— December 25, 2010 Christmas Card—Merry Christmas
437 December 24, 2010
  • Skype Still Struggling After Worldwide Outage
  • Motorola to Break into 2 on Jan. 4
  • Merry Christmas from Claude Everton in Montréal
  • A Lesson In Password Security
  • BloostonLaw Telecom Update
    • “Bill Shock” Comment Deadline Extended Until January 10
    • FCC adopts Net Neutrality Rules.
    • FCC to Update 911 system
    • Blooston Rural Carriers Oppose Reverse Auctions for Mobility Fund
    • 6th Circuit says warrants needed to get stored e-mails
  • BloostonLaw Private Users Update
    • Reminder of Narrowband Migration Deadlines For 150-174 MHz and 421 MHz Bands
    • FCC Pushes Interoperability For Public Safety Broadband
    • FCC Grants Power Limit Waivers For Telemetry Ops In 450-470 MHz Band
    • FCC Denies Proposal for Nationwide low power license
    • NC Highway Patrol Granted Waiver For Microwave Link
  • Happy Holidays from ZETRON
    • Edward Tipler, P.E., CPBE
      Consulting Engineer, FCC General Radiotelephone with Radar
      Certified Professional Broadcast Engineer
      Tortoise Communications
    • Felicidades from Enrique Llaca in Mexico City
    • Brad's Christmas Card
    • Thoughts on Peace
436 December 17, 2010
  • Wow! I can't think of a better place to have our next paging convention, than Nashville, Tennessee. Please see the announcement about our Global Paging Convention, June 14-16, 2011 in Nashville, at the Doubletree Hotel, in the AAPC section.
  • Who's the tech person of the year?
  • Congratulations to Mike Hasty of ProPage! You win a complimentary registration to attend the Global Paging Convention in Nashville.
  • Word Lens iPhone App Offers Real-Time Translations
  • A video demo of Word Lens.
  • Mobile Application Sales to Reach $35 Billion by 2014
  • BloostonLaw Telecom Update
    • Mobility Fund NPRM Proposes Reverse Auctions; Clients Should Oppose
    • 2010 is “Year of NBP,” but no action on USF Reform.
    • FCC to auction leftover 700 MHz licenses
    • FCC proposes to amend CORES system.
    • FCC proposes record 15.5% USF contribution factor for first quarter.
    • FCC seeks comment on TracFone petition for declaratory ruling on USF issues.
    • FCC acts to advance interoperability for public safety broadband communications.
    • FTC seeks comment on how to strengthen telemarketing Caller ID rules
  • Motorola: Droid 2 Dropped, Didn't Explode in Man's Ear
  • Ted McNaught
    President, COO
    Critical Alert Systems, LLC
    • Quotations about Christmas
435 December 10, 2010
  • The AAPC helps with the support of the newsletter and we enthusiastically support the AAPC and its members—without apology. The AAPC is our trade association and every paging carrier and every vendor should be an active member.
  • You are cordially invited to join your AAPC & EMMA colleagues for a once-in-a-lifetime chance to spend St. Patrick's Day in Ireland!
    • Global Paging Summit
      March 15 - 17, 2011
      Hayfield Manor
      Cork, Ireland
  • The tech brands you can trust
    • Winners and Losers
    • Golden Apple
    • Asus Ascends
    • Dell and HP: No More Excuses
    • Making Bank on Mediocre?
    • It Takes Only One Frustrating Incident
    • Survey Methodology
    • What the Measures Mean
    • Reliability Measures
    • Service Measures
  • Stony Brook University Medical Center Selects Amcom Software’s Pager Replacement and Smartphone Messaging Solution
  • BloostonLaw Telecom Update
    • Carriers Must Notify Customers of “Do Not Call” Options By January 1
    • FTC testifies on “Do Not Track” legislation.
    • Congress passes bill limiting scope of “Red Flag” rule.
    • Copps proposes “Public Value Test” for media.
    • FCC reschedules construction permit Auction 91 for April 27; imposes freeze.
    • FCC announces narrowband migration deadlines for 154-174 MHz and 421-512 MHz bands.
  • Thursday, December 2nd, 2010 Viewpoint: Stacking up the social net business case
    • Humor
434 December 3, 2010
  • Apple and Motorola make the most reliable phones according to a new study
  • AAPC Vendor Spotlight—Unication USA
  • PageOne Adds a National Touch of Flare to the British Red Cross
  • Droid smartphone explodes in man's ear [maybe not]
  • BloostonLaw Telecom Update
    • HAC Reporting Deadline Is January 17, 2011
    • FCC to explore wireless access to TV spectrum; improved research licenses.
    • FCC puts net neutrality, next-generation 9-1-1 on December 21 agenda.
    • FCC sets comment dates for “bill shock” proposal.
    • FCC promises to open “9-1-1” to texting.
    • FCC extends deadline to Sept. 30, 2011, to comply
  • Samsung Unveils New NFC Chip
    • How does forgiveness work?
433 November 26, 2010
  • Happy Thanksgiving
  • Ira Wiesenfeld, P.E.
  • Paging Public Library
  • AAPC Vendor Spotlight—Unication
  • Precise Frequency Locking for the RFSpace SDR radios
  • BloostonLaw Private Users Update
    • Rural groups continue push for USF reform, ICC relief.
    • FCC seeks comment on proposed technical rules for 37.2-42.5 GHz band.
    • FCC may move forward on net neutrality.
    • NARUC adopts pair of telecom resolutions.
    • Dingell questions FCC’s authority to regulate mobile data roaming.
    • Blooston Rural Carriers file reply comments in HAC proceeding.
  • BloostonLaw Private Users Update
    • FCC To Review Its Tower Registration Program
    • FCC Announces Application Process For Certain 800 MHz Channels Let Go By Sprint
    • FCC Seeks Comment On Thales’ 700 MHz Public Safety Waiver Request
    • FCC Grants D.C. Extension For 700 MHz Waiver Request
    • PG&E Seeks Construction, Service Discontinuance Waivers To Build PLMR
    • FCC Modifies PLMR License For Failure To Take Action
    • FCC Extends Waiver For Garmin To Market GPS-Equipped Family Radios
    • FCC Clarifies that Government Entities Applying for Industrial/Business Channels Must Still Meet Eligibility Requirements that Apply to Private Entities
    • FCC Denies Motorola Waiver Request At 450-470 MHz
    • FCC Grants TA Waiver To NPSPAC Licensee in P.R.
    • BloostonLaw Licensees Oppose Proposal For Microwave “Auxiliary Stations”
    • NTIA Unveils Plans To Make More Spectrum Available For Broadband Service
    • Thanksgiving Humor
432 November 12, 2010
  • Editorial Ramblings
    • Indian Summer in the Mid-West
    • Veteran's Day
    • Newsletter Support
  • Global Paging Summit—St. Patrick's Day in Ireland
  • RIM’s Playbook tablet to sell for under $500
  • Peter Barnett has joined American Messaging as their new CTO
  • More On The Global Paging Summit
  • The $15 billion Difference Between Good and Bad Marketing
  • Gone is the Peru [Illinois] Fire Siren
  • BloostonLaw Private Users Update
    • Joint Board recommends Lifeline, Link-Up rules.
    • RTG has concerns about CTIA’s Revised Transition Plan for cellular licensing.
    • Bluegrass Cellular inks deal for Verizon Wireless 4G LTE.
    • FCC unveils tentative agenda for November 30 open meeting.
    • NTIA releases report on broadband Internet adoption.
  • Israel to use text messages to alert citizens of missile launches
    • Timo Kangas
    • More C. S. Lewis
431 November 5, 2010
  • Lots Of Lawsuits
  • Yours Truly and Ron Mercer receive Honorary AAPC Membership
  • How Wi-Fi and Wireless Data-Sharing Cures Patients’ Ills
  • IPAWS Open for Business
  • BloostonLaw Private Users Update
    • FCC Proposal has Licensees moving away from “License Savers”
    • Rep. Boucher loses seat, telecom sub-committee leadership position.
    • FCC sets comment dates for Mobility Fund NPRM.
    • FCC settles with Verizon over “mystery fees.”
    • GAO report recommends FCC assess E-rate program internal control structure.
    • FCC announces immediate freeze on new LPTV, TV translator applications, and major changes to stations in rural areas.
  • Consolidated PSAP Picks Zetron for Both 9-1-1 Call-Taking and Dispatching
    • Ken Countess via LinkedIn
    • More C. S. Lewis
430 October 29, 2010
  • On Living In A Country Town
  • Berkeley Varitronics Systems' Wolfhound-Lite Cell Phone Detector Wins Award
  • USA Mobility Reports Third Quarter Operating Results
  • Teens and Texting: Learning about Bullying
  • BloostonLaw Private Users Update
    • Is DSL Dead?
    • BloostonLaw makes case for rural broadband market.
    • Rural associations agree on USF, inter-carrier comp. issues; take case to FCC.
    • More comments sought on Video Accessibility Act.
    • BloostonLaw challenges Allied Wireless joint petition.
    • BloostonLaw Licensees oppose proposal for “auxiliary stations.”
  • CellCast Teams to Complete First CMAS Pilot
    • City of San Diego goes with American Messaging for Paging
    • Halloween Joke
429 October 22, 2010
  • Looking for someone to repair SkyData equipment
  • Another Cell Broadcast Test
  • FCC Announces Formation of the Technological Advisory Council
  • BloostonLaw Private Users Update
    • Cellphones Ring In Disease
    • FCC proposes to draw from USF funds to support its new “Mobility Fund.”
    • FCC seeks comments on problem of “Bill Shock.”
    • FCC issues order to promote video service.
    • NECA, USAC file 2011 average schedule high cost loop support, LSS formulas.
    • 43% of EU households do not have Internet access.
  • FCC Values Additional Wireless Spectrum At $120 Billion
    • C.S. Lewis on Life
428 October 15, 2010
  • Motorola's Sanjay Jha among most 'overpaid CEOs'
  • Wallace Wireless (WIC Pager) inks deal with Philips Emergin
  • Verizon, AT&T to Sell iPad
  • Text Messaging [on cell phones] Not Reliable for Emergency Communications
  • BloostonLaw Private Users Update
    • FCC Plans To Address Bill Shock, Mobility Fund, CableCard Items At Oct. 14 Open Meeting
      • Bill Shock NPRM
      • Mobility Fund NPRM
      • CableCARD Third R&O and Order on Reconsideration
    • Mich. Federal court upholds Obama health care mandate.
    • Obama signs 21st Century Video Accessibility Act into law.
    • FCC wants HAC proceeding comments to address Video Accessibility legislation.
    • Sen. Udall introduces wireless “bill shock” bill.
    • GAO says Obama team slow to implement cyber security recommendations.
  • Prayers answered—Local teen receives lung transplant
  • Intrado Inks Pact with one2many
    • Robert Louis Stevenson
427 October 8, 2010
  • ASUSU approves iPod application
  • AAPC/EMMA Trading Post revised to make it easier to use!
  • Do not forget – AAPC has a Battery Discount deal for our members
  • Zetron President Ellen O’Hara Testifies on P25 Before House Subcommittee
  • TerreStar Genus hybrid satellite phone hits AT&T at long last for $799
  • FCC's Commissioner Mignon Clyburn Comments on Verizon's Announcement That It will Give Refunds To Approximately 15 Million Americans
  • BloostonLaw Private Users Update
    • FCC To Probe Verizon’s “Mystery Fees”
    • FCC quietly changes SAR position on cell phones, stirs consumer controversy.
    • Iowa Board rejects rural co-op’s access rate hike.
    • CTIA proposes compromise for transitioning to market area licensing.
    • Net neutrality legislation appears to be dead for this year.
    • Falls Church, Virginia, parents oppose school cell tower.
  • Roundup of medical apps for cell phones
    • Apple’s iPhone
    • RIM’s BlackBerry
    • Google’s Android
  • Massive Verizon leak reveals Motorola Tablet, HTC Merge, LTE modems and more
    • Gandhiji
426 October 1, 2010
  • Thank You
  • Capitol Visitor Center takes steps to respond to future bioscares (with pagers)
  • Rumors of a big Motorola tablet emerge
  • Facebook, Skype poised to enter partnership
  • FCC Enables High-Speed, Affordable Broadband For Schools and Libraries
  • BloostonLaw Private Users Update
    • FCC Unveils Tentative Agenda For Oct. 14 Open Meeting
      • Bill Shock NPRM
      • Mobility Fund NPRM
      • CableCARD Third R&O and Order on Reconsideration
    • FCC frees TV white spaces for “Super Wi-Fi” devices
    • FCC approves upgrades, modernizations for E-rate program
    • FCC adopts new E911 rules—Commission seeks further comment on location accuracy requirements
    • Feds unveil final Recovery Act grant awards
  • Inadequate Focus: Texting Bans Failing to Reduce Distracted Driving
  • UH OH: The Metaphor Falcone Uses To Explain His Pipedream Wireless Company Is Extremely Vague (or maybe not)
    • Commtech Wireless EMEA—Change of Leadership—Graeme Hull, General Manager, Amcom Software
    • C.S. Lewis
425 September 24, 2010
  • A Little More on Newsletter Fundraising
  • ProPage Joins The Newsletter Supporters
  • What Is A Geek?
  • AAPC Vendor Member Summary
  • Onset Technology Announces Additional Funding Secured
  • Report: BlackBerry tablet may appear next week
  • FCC Launches License View
  • BloostonLaw Private Users Update
    • Court Says Cops Don’t Need Warrant To Obtain Certain Historic Cell Call Location Data
    • FCC Proposes to Apply Wireless Hearing Aid Compatibility Rules to For Profit Private Radio Licensees
    • FCC Grants W.Va. Waivers For I/B Pool Frequencies
    • FCC Grants Montana Use Of Public Coast Channels For Network
    • FCC Reinstates Filing Freeze Along U.S. – Canada Border
    • OET Provides Guidance For Becoming Accreditation Body of Test Laboratories
    • Railroads Seek Waivers Of Power Limit For Operations In 450-470 MHz Band
    • FCC Grants B/ILT Waiver For Use Of Certain 800 MHz Band Frequency Pairs
  • iPad Tops in Consumer Satisfaction: Report
  • Motorola MC959B: The first “mobile” device to ship with a software defined radio
    • Do you know where I could source a IFR Com 120B?
    • C.S. Lewis
424 September 17, 2010
  • The Newsletter Needs Your Support
  • Leavitt Communications is back as an advertiser
  • NOTIFYall is also back as an advertiser
  • CVC Paging is also back (they really didn't leave)
  • Remembering Jake (Steven Jacoby)
  • A Review of the Products and Services Available from AAPC Vendor Members
  • People Spending More Time On Facebook That Any Other Site
  • MCTEL and One2Many collaborate to offer Cell Broadcast solution
  • Motorola's Android Tablet Coming Next Year?
  • Amcom Expands Communication at Emory U
  • Best Buy: iPad Cutting Into Laptop Sales
    • Jeff Hutter found a Service Manual Through the Newsletter
    • Hispanic Americans By the Numbers
423 September 10, 2010
  • MetroPCS and Roger Linquist in the news
  • Hola Brasileros
  • Mark your calendars to Spend St. Patty’s Day in Ireland with AAPC & EMMA!
  • Ping attracts 1 million users in 48 hours
  • John W. Kluge, Founder of Metromedia, Dies at 95
  • Letter to Jenna Richardson at American Messaging
  • BloostonLaw Telecom Update
    • FCC Sets Tentative Agenda For Sept. 23 Open Meeting
    • Court partially invalidates certain auction bid credit rules; declines to overturn AWS, 700 MHz auctions.
    • FCC provides instructions, seeks comment on high cost support reclamation.
    • Clients should monitor ETC designation, ETC desig. transfer petitions RE: Verizon-Alltel transactions.
    • FCC launches wireless HAC proceeding to ensure access to new technology.
    • FCC proposes HAC fines.
  • "Here You Have" Virus Demonstrates Need to Improve Malware Security
  • Telesystem founder Charles Sirois recognized by Ernst & Young's Entrepreneur Of The Year program
    • Larry King to Host Robert Spitzer and Stephen Hawking Tonight on CNN
422 September 3, 2010
  • Facebook moves in on Twitter’s turf with new follow feature
  • Mark your calendars to spend St. Patty’s Day in Ireland with AAPC & EMMA
  • Harris Corporation Unveils the GR-100 Wireless Location System to Track First Responders Inside Buildings
  • Verizon announces new prepaid data plans
  • BloostonLaw Telecom Update
    • Telecom Pioneer Larry Garvey Passes Away
    • FiberCloud Unveils Service Options for Rural Telcos During OPASTCO
    • Record Shows Widespread Opposition to FCC Renewal, Discontinuance and Partitioning Rule Changes
    • FCC Requests Input on Broadband Deployment
    • Google Gmail Users Make One Million Calls in 24 Hours
    • Legislation Would Mandate FM Receivers for All Wireless Phones
    • FCC Seeks Comment On National Broadband Cybersecurity Roadmap
    • GAO REPORT: “Enhanced Data Collection Could Help FCC Monitor Competition in Wireless Industry”
  • California to Deploy Nation's First Mass Mobile Alert System
  • The The Museum of Communications is located in the Georgetown area of south Seattle
    • Has Stephen Hawking ended the God debate?
421 August 27, 2010
  • Help Support the Newsletter
  • Gmail Users Make One Million Calls in 24 Hours
  • FCC Seeks Nominations by September 17, 2010, for Membership on the Emergency Response Interoperability Center Public Safety Advisory Committee
  • Government Report Measures U.S. Wireless Market
  • AAPC Presses Case to FCC on Reform of USF Contribution Methodology
  • Do Police Need a Warrant for GPS Tracking?
  • Emergency radio upgrades will cost
  • How schools are putting the iPad to work
  • Time waits for no one: 'leap seconds' may be cut
    • Jeff Hutter
      TWR Communications
    • A Joke about a Pager
420 August 20, 2010
  • I would like to welcome a new advertiser to the newsletter — Hahntech-USA. Hahntech is offering an industrial grade two-way pager featuring compliance with ReFLEX™ version 2.7.5, and using DSP Technology. They have a new web site that can be accessed by clicking on the MORE button in their ad that follows below.
  • Our friends at SkyTel Mexico have been reporting considerable success with two-way paging.
  • Paging Auction—FCC: Auction of Lower and Upper Paging Bands Licenses Closes; Winning Bidders Announced for Auction 87
  • AAPC Presses Case to FCC on Reform of USF Contribution Methodology
  • Obituary—Lawrence Daniel Garvey
  • Business Briefs, 08/19: Intel to buy McAfee for nearly $8 billion
  • BloostonLaw Telecom Update
  • Threats of int'l BlackBerry bans echo US debate
  • Niche Market for Smartphones in Healthcare: Kalorama
  • RIM Said to Plan Crusher Tank Technology for Tablet Computer
    • Arguments for the existence of God
419 August 13, 2010
  • AAPC Vendor Member Summary
  • James A. Dwyer, Jr., Passes Away at 73
  • Beeping 'pager' closes Melbourne street 3 hours
  • BloostonLaw Telecom Update
    • The FCC has just announced that all regulatory fee payments for fiscal year 2010 will be due no later than 11:59 PM (ET) on Tuesday, August 31, 2010
  • Court Rejects Police Use of GPS Without Warrant
  • Wireless History Foundation Announces Inaugural Wireless Hall of Fame Dinner
  • Case Survives Mishandling of Intercepted Pager Records
    • From C.S. Lewis.
418 August 06, 2010
  • Error correction from last week
  • AAPC Vendor Member Summary
  • Google, Verizon Deny Net Neutrality Report
  • Narrowbanding Fallacies and Facts
  • BloostonLaw: Wireless Licensees are Encouraged to Participate in Comments on FCC Proposal to Revise License Renewal and Operation Rules
  • Comments of the Blooston Rural Carriers
  • Sacramento area CHP, police plan crackdown on cell phone use, texting while driving
  • Teens ditch e-mail for texting and Facebook
  • Saudi BlackBerry ban inconclusive
    • From C.S. Lewis.
417 July 30, 2010
  • AAPC Mission
    Our mission is to foster and enhance paging-related technologies to ensure the world-wide growth of the industry
  • Rex Lee in the News
  • ‘Jailbreaking' ruling benefits San Antonio firm
  • Children to carry GPS beepers in war on sex crime in South Korea
  • Doctors Embrace Smartphones, but Struggle to Connect with Colleagues, Study Says
    • Paging provides much more reliability in delivery of messages.
  • BloostonLaw Telecom Update
    • Boucher, Terry introduce USF reform legislation.
    • FCC extends deadline for replies in inquiry into survivability of broadband networks.
    • Univision pays $1 million to resolve “pay for play” investigation.
    • FCC, FDA agree to promote wireless-enabled medical devices.
  • USA Mobility Reports First Quarter Operating Results
  • San Francisco Bay Area Selects Motorola for the Nation’s First Public Safety 700 MHz LTE Broadband Network
  • Netxcell launches Cell Broadcasting Center service [in India]
    • Enrique Llaca has some equipment for sale in Mexico
    • From Henry Ford (I have heard this before, but I needed a reminder.
416 July 23, 2010
  • AAPC Mission
    Our mission is to foster and enhance paging-related technologies to ensure the world-wide growth of the industry
  • Company adds surprise fee to lifetime agreement
  • Motorola deal may end mobile-gear consolidation
  • Dispatchers: 'Don't call 911 for information'
  • BloostonLaw Telecom Update
    • FCC Announces Tentative Agenda For Aug. 5 Open Meeting
    • FCC proposes MSS rule changes to push broadband.
    • FCC launches broadband rural health care initiative.
    • BloostonLaw recommends less-restrictive FAA rules.
    • FCC proposes electronic access to rate information.
    • FCC sets comment cycle for pole attachment further notice.
  • FCC Finds 14 TO 24 Million Americans Lack Access To Broadband
  • Drexel University has successfully tested the IntelliGuard System™
  • One-Way POCSAG CreataLink Telemetry Units For Sale
415 July 16, 2010
  • Narrowbanding Requirements for Paging Channels
  • FCC Modifies Amateur Rules to Allow Participation in Disaster and Emergency Drills on Behalf of an Employer without a Waiver
  • Today is you last chance to respond to AAPC's survey
  • BlackBerry 6: Another Sneak Peek!
  • Senator to Apple: Address This Flaw
  • BloostonLaw Memo on Narrowbanding
  • BloostonLaw Telecom Update
    • Tower Compliance Manual
    • Blooston Rural Carriers urge FCC to keep rate-of-return regulation for small RLECs.
    • SDTA takes aim at FCC’s “flawed” broadband models.
    • Rural associations file joint comments in USF docket.
    • FCC releases results of 2008 biennial review.
    • FCC releases order of FY 2010 regulatory fees.
  • BloostonLaw Private Users Update
    • House Panel Asks FCC For Info About Public Safety Broadband Network
    • FCC 2010 Regulatory Fees to Stay the Same for Most Private Radio Licensees
    • FCC Waives Certain Interim Deadlines For Narrowbanding Licenses, But Sticks to Main Transition Dates
    • FCC Adds Enhancements To TA Metrics Scheme For 800 MHz Rebanding
    • and more
  • St. John's Hospital Selects Amcom Software's Pager Replacement and Smartphone Messaging Solution
    • Enrique Llaca has some equipment for sale in Mexico
    • Waka Waka at the World Cup Match (you gotta see this!)
414 July 9, 2010
  • AAPC Welcomes Several New Members
  • Retiree keeps Motorola in touch with its past
  • The 10 Coolest Smartphones Of 2010, So Far
  • New Emergency Alert System
  • BloostonLaw Telecom Update
    • Clients Are Urged To Participate In BloostonLaw USF Comments
    • House panel asks FCC for info about public safety broadband network.
    • High court rules employers can examine text messages on pagers issued to their employees in Ontario case.
    • Rep. Kucinich to introduce bill for cell phone radiation research, warning label.
    • International Telecommunications Traffic Reports are due August 2.
  • RPT-UPDATE 2-NTP sues Apple, Google, HTC, Microsoft, Motorola
    • Photos
413 July 2, 2010
  • Apple boasts 1.7 million iPhone 4 sales
  • Global Paging Convention Photos (repeated)
  • RIM promises 'quantum leap' with BlackBerry OS 6.0
  • Zetron’s Acom Will Connect to SMARTNET System Through EF Johnson Radios
  • Amcom Software Adds iPhone to List of Smartphones Its Hospital Pager Replacement Application Supports
  • BloostonLaw Telecom Update
    • FCC Announces Tentative Agenda For July 15 Open Meeting
    • Obama backs unleashing 500 MHz of spectrum over next 10 years for mobile, fixed broadband services.
    • FCC’s local competition report includes VoIP data.
    • FCC adopts per-minute compensation rates for interstate TRS fund.
    • FCC launches NOI on structuring of VRS market.
  • iPhone Overstates Signal Strength, says Apple
  • Performance Auto Responds to Increased Number of Smart Phone Users
  • Motorola reveals names of separate companies after spinoff
    • Bob Popow's Vacation
    • Living Your Life With Integrity
412 June 25, 2010

Special Edition

Photographic Report on the Global Paging Convention

Held June 16-18 in Charleston, South Carolina

Please don't miss this big issue with lots of photos from the GPC. It may need a little extra time to download, but it's worth the wait. Be sure to read it all the way to the end—there is some more good stuff there.

411 June 11, 2010
  • No newsletter next week
  • Jobs has lofty goal for iPhone 4's FaceTime video chat with open standard
  • The ZigBee Alliance and SunSpec Alliance Collaborate On Renewable Energy Management
  • Zetron’s New VoIP RDS Release Adds Popular Dispatch Features to the Flexibility of IP
  • BloostonLaw Telecom Update
    • Rural Wireless Carriers Urged to Support Automatic Roaming Obligation for Commercial Wireless Carriers; Comments Due Monday, June 14th
    • FWCC asks FCC to improve interference protection in 3650-3700 MHz band.
    • FWCC also seeks backhaul channel flexibility for mobile broadband services.
    • FCC provides new BRS licensees 4 years to meet construction requirement.
    • Deadline for annual Lifeline surveys and certifications is August 31.
    • FCC finds that AMTS service is subject to USF contributions.
  • Bill and Steve Hanging Out (humor)
    • Jim Dombrouski
    • Frank McNeill
  • Thoughts For The Week
    • The Senile Virus (humor)
410 June 4, 2010
  • Editorial: A Public Apology
  • Cool stuff from IntelliGuard Systems
  • One definition of paging companies “giving up”
  • Providence College Successfully Tests new Emergency Alert System
  • Research In Motion may benefit from new AT&T rate plans
  • Huge Fireball Seen as Meteor Strikes Jupiter
  • Motorola doubles CEO’s stock options
  • Apple conference likely to yield new iPhone
  • BloostonLaw Telecom Update
    • FTC Extends Enforcement Deadline For Identity Theft Red-Flag Rule
    • Broadband Internet Service Reclassification NOI on tap for June 17 open meeting.
    • FCC sets Aug. 31 for electronic USF support payments.
    • Auction 89 set for Dec. 17: includes 218 MHz & Phase II 220 MHz.
    • FCC reminds consumers of June 12 transition date for 700 MHz wireless microphones.
    • FCC addresses waste, fraud abuses in TRS Fund.
  • Media 1® Live by EastWest Communications — Real-time response to events
  • Technical Tutorial: A Philosophy of Science . . .
    • The newsletter " . . . should be above political activism and emotional charged images and slanted commentary about current events not related to the industry itself."
    • ". . . in your latest newsletter where you clearly set aside all indications of any neutrality."
    • Technicians and Engineers—job market—moving on to other fields
  • Thoughts For The Week—Quotations on neutrality
    • Bishop Desmond Tutu
    • Employing Dante's words
    • Paulo Freire
409 May 28, 2010
  • The Tragedy In The Gulf of Mexico
  • Narrowbanding is coming, are you prepared?
  • Just in case you missed the 60 Minutes segment on CBS about Marty Cooper, and cellphones you can watch the video now
  • Paging Service Provider Directory update request
  • Global Paging Convention Agenda
  • FCC Survey: Consumer Mobile Bill Shock and Confusion
  • Unication Has Your Narrowband Solution
  • Amcom Software Pagers Earn German Public Safety Certification
  • Clayton County [Iowa] to update communications
  • FCC and FEMA Announce Workshop on Emergency Alerting
  • BloostonLaw Private User Update: Private Radio Licensees Should Prepare for FCC Narrowbanding Requirements
  • Congress could revamp the 1996 Telecom Act
  • BloostonLaw Telecom Update
    • Red Flag Enforcement Begins June 1
    • Part 17 Proposed Rule Changes
    • FCC amends WCS rules, opens 25 MHz of spectrum for mobile broadband use.
    • FCC approves transfer of 4.8 million lines from Verizon to Frontier.
    • FCC adopts order on “one business day” LNP transfers.
    • FCC extends jurisdictional separations freeze until June 30, 2011.
    • FCC speeds, reduces costs of access to utility poles
  • FCC Adopts 14th Annual Report On Mobile Wireless Competition (summary)
  • Apple Passes Microsoft as No. 1 in Tech
    • Paging Equipment Sale Continues
    • Craig Dieckman
  • Thoughts For The Week
    • Boycott BP
May 21, 2010

Notice about the “60 Minutes” television program due to air on CBS—Sunday, May 23rd with a feature about Dr. Martin (Marty) Cooper the inventor of the first handheld cellular phone and the first person to make a phone call in public on a handheld cell phone prototype.

MARTY'S BIG IDEA—Hear the story of the invention of the cell phone from the man whose team came up with it at Motorola. The inventor, Martin Cooper, is still at it, improving the gadget he came up with 37 years ago. Morley Safer reports. David Browning is the producer. [source]

408 May 21, 2010
  • Southern Illinois—also known as "Little Egypt"
  • Tower Space Available in East Tennessee
  • New Ranking In Cellphone Sales To End Users
  • Don't miss the Paging Equipment For Sale in the LETTERS TO THE EDITOR section. This sale of paging equipment continues. It will all be gone soon. Please check the list to see if there is anything there you need. Remember a complete unit is the ideal way to get spare parts—which are getting much harder to find.
  • Paging Service Provider Directory—please update
  • The Global Paging Convention—Save $100!
  • SMS: The gateway to mobile advertising
  • (New) Cellphone cancer study inconclusive; researcher urges more study
  • Zetron Dispatch and 9-1-1 Systems
  • Research in Motion surges to No. 4 in global mobile phone sales, Apple to No. 7
  • Text and Data Overtake Voice as Means of Cell Communication
  • BloostonLaw Telecom Update
    • FCC Releases Sunshine Agenda For Its May 20 Open Meeting
    • FCC sets comment cycle for USF reform NOI & NPRM.
    • Rural groups announce joint statement on USF reform NOI and NPRM.
    • FCC proposes changes to Part 17 rules governing marking, lighting of towers.
    • FCC sets comment dates for NPRM on Puerto Rico Link Up support.
    • FCC sets comment dates for CableCARD proceeding.
  • This Week's Technical Tutorial—Satellites
  • Private equity firm Francisco Partners to buy EF Johnson
    • Paging Equipment For Sale
  • Thought For The Week
    • Negative thinker
407 May 14, 2010
  • Corrections and Updates
  • On The Soapbox
    • Let them eat cake
    • Corporate Excesses
    • Without Conscience. Mad or bad?
    • Pink Slips and Poor Health: The Toxicity of Job Insecurity
    • The Golden Rule—Those Who Have The Gold, Make The Rules
  • The Global Paging Convention—Save $100!
  • At Closing Plant, Ordeal Included Heart Attacks
  • Motorola Shareholders Send a Message To Wall Street: NO MAS!!
  • For Cellphones, It’s Hip to Be Square
  • Drifting satellite threatens US cable programming
  • BloostonLaw Telecom Update
    • McDowell, Baker Oppose FCC’s “Third Way”
    • FCC develops “third way” response to D.C. Circuit’s “Comcast” decision.
    • FCC proposes $284,250 fine for failing to pay into USF.
    • FCC proposes rule changes to enable more flexibility of UPCS devices in 1920-1930 MHz band.
    • FCC releases telephone penetration income report.
    • FCC sets comment cycle for cyber security NOI.
  • This Week's Technical Jargon Lesson: 3GPP and LTE
  • Emergency alert system for natural disasters to be implemented in 2011—Chile
    • Mike Lyons, r.e. Upcoming PTC Meeting
    • Paging Equipment For Sale
  • Thoughts For The Week
    • Let them eat cake
    • Strangers in your land
406 May 7, 2010
  • The Paging Information Resource website
  • Early registration for the Global Paging Convention
  • Mr. Helmut Köchler—the founder of Swissphone—retiring
  • AAPC urges the FCC not to change the CMRS messaging fee
  • Congratulations to Jon Word, Scott Forsythe, and the folks of Contact Wireless
  • The first tomato in Brad's garden
  • Water Savings One Phone Call Away (water-saving telemetry over paging)
  • VoxPro—Irish firm to create 160 new jobs in Cork
  • AAPC's Comments to the FCC
  • FCC's broadband reclassification: What's next?
  • USA Mobility Reports First Quarter Operating Results
  • BloostonLaw Telecom Update
    • FCC Announces Tentative Agenda For May 20 Open Meeting
    • USF Reform NOI expects to implement CAF model.
    • FCC seeks comment on NECA’s interstate TRS formulas.
    • FCC releases first-ever study addressing accessibility and technology issues.
    • FCC confirms Internet access providers do not have to contribute to USF based on end user revenues.
  • Apple sells 1 million iPads in 28 days
  • Who Owns All the Data in the Workplace?
  • Letter To The Editor: Edouard Dervichian, comments on "Cell Broadcast Firm Addresses Location Based Applications"
  • Thought For The Week—some bible verses
405 April 30, 2010
  • Newsletter Advertising Promotion (again)
    (Gives Revolutionary RAVEN™ Keychain Thumbs Up)
  • Apple surpasses Motorola as #1 U.S. phone maker
  • Cell Broadcast Firm Addresses Location-based Applications
  • BloostonLaw Telecom Update
    • CenturyLink To Acquire Qwest Communications
    • Text of USF NPRM focuses on reforming cap growth.
    • FCC adopts Notice of Inquiry on cyber security issues.
    • NTIA announces nine BTOP grants worth $114 million.
    • FCC sets dates for FNPRM on roaming obligations for data, broadband services.
    • FCC acts on cablecard item.
    • FCC study backs agency’s cost models.
  • BloostonLaw Private Users Update
    • FCC Amends Part 90 Private Radio Rules, Requests Comment On More Changes
    • FCC Proposes Rules For Aviation Safety On Runways
    • FCC Modifies NSTN License
    • Minnesota Football Stadium Gets Antenna Limit Waiver
    • Motorola Seeks Ruling On Low Power Issues
    • AAA Certified To Coordinate B/ILT Pool Frequencies
    • FCC Proposes Tough New Performance Requirements For 2.3 GHz WCS Band
    • 800 MHz Rebanding Issues
    • FCC Proposes Regulatory Fee Changes For FY 2010
  • Motorola Posts a Profit as Smartphone Sales Pick Up
  • FCC News: FCC Seeks Comments on Newly Proposed Rules for Amateur Radio Operators and Emergency Drills
  • Letters To The Editor — Angel González, SkyTel Argentina
  • Thought For The Week
404 April 23, 2010
  • Apple Employee Has A Bad Day
  • Newsletter Advertising Promotion
  • Hubble just gets better with age
  • Register today to attend the Global Paging Convention
  • Daniels Electronics receives two more big orders
  • Apple surpasses Microsoft's market cap
  • Tele-Page "Answers the Call" With a National 3-1-1 Campaign Launch
  • Zetron delivers new dispatch system to 911 Center in Waverly, Tennessee
  • One hundred iPads set for deployment at Calif. hospital
  • BloostonLaw Telecom Update
    • House Passes Telecom Measures
    • FCC launches USF reform with broadband NOI, NPRM.
    • FCC clarifies non-rural USF support definitions in its response to court remand.
    • NTIA extends Round 2 BTOP comment date until May 10.
    • FCC takes steps to promote nationwide mobile connectivity.
    • FCC opens inquiry into survivability of broadband networks.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 spec gets finalized
  • Paging Infrastructure Equipment For Sale (repeat)
  • Letters To The Editor — more equipment for sale or trade (repeated)
  • Thought For The Week — Classic Arguments
403 April 16, 2010
  • QST congratulates. . .
    Barrett Kanne, W4TGA, who was awarded the Georgia ARES Ham of the Year at the Georgia ARES statewide meeting in January. The meeting was held at the GA Public Safety Training Center, Forsyth.
  • Indiana Paging Network and Onset Technology Partner to Deliver Paging Messages to Blackberry Smartphones
  • PageOne to showcase MTPAS-Enabled 2-way Pagers for the Emergency Response Community at BAPCO
  • Apple Delays Global Release of iPad
  • BloostonLaw Telecom Update
  • Paging Infrastructure Equipment For Sale
  • This week's feature article from Allan Angus, PE is: 900 MHz FLEX™ Compared To UHF POCSAG. It is being published here partly because someone asked me this week if POCSAG was obsolete, and if it was going to be discontinued soon.
  • Thought For The Week — Argument from morality
402 April 9, 2010
  • Apple: iPad sales, App Store downloads climbing
  • Apple showcases iPhone 4.0 features
  • Global Paging Convention, June 16 – 18, 2010, The Mills House Hotel, Charleston, SC
  • Motorola's Binary Code (about pending breakup)
  • Deadline looms for Mass. data protection law
  • ERF Wireless FY09 Loss Per Share Narrows - Quick Facts
  • Is Net neutrality dead? (FAQ)
  • BloostonLaw Telecom Update
    • FCC’s April 21 Meeting
    • Court deals blow to FCC on net neutrality.
    • FCC sets schedule for 2010 annual access tariff filings.
    • NBP proposes opening up 300 MHz of spectrum within next 5 years.
    • FCC sets comment dates for extending jurisdictional separations freeze for one year.
    • FCC seeks comment on revising performance requirements for 2.3 GHz WCS band.
  • iPad security for the enterprise still subject to debate
  • Update on the Enterprise Security Issue (above)
  • City of Manassas [Va.] to End BPL Service
  • Thought For The Week—more C.S. Lewis quotations
401 April 2, 2010
  • Editorial on the new Apple iPad
  • First iPad reviews hit the web
  • New Skype Application for Verizon Wireless Showcased on BlackBerry Storm 2, Motorola DROID
  • Firm: iPad May Replace Windows-Based Computers
  • CB technology has a huge growth potential for all stakeholders, but they need to device a viable revenue model soon
  • BloostonLaw Telecom Update
    • NBP proposals for D Block, AWS spectrum bands.
    • FCC proposes to extend jurisdictional separations freeze for one year.
    • Joint Board seeks comment on certain interim proposals.
    • FCC seeks comments on proposed changes to “ex parte” rules.
    • FCC seeks comments on proposed changes to procedural rules.
  • [Illinois] State lawmakers seek to update telecom bill
  • Field-test SmartMeters before more installed
  • BOOK: BlackBerry feel-good story delivers, as advertised
  • Thought For The Week FROM Robert Browning
400 March 26, 2010
  • AAPC Announcements
  • FCC Issues Notice of Proposed Rule Making on Government Disaster Drills and Amateur Radio
  • Zetron’s IP Fire Station Alerting System Improves Sugar Land FD’s Alerting Speeds and Reliability
  • Motorola Drops Google in China
  • BloostonLaw Telecom Update
    • Enforcement of Red Flags Rule Effective June 1
    • “Connect America Fund” details spelled out in NBP.
    • FCC seeks comment on harmonizing TCPA rules with those of FTC.
    • Comments sought on NPSTC and Broadband Task Force report.
    • FCC modifies LSS rules.
    • Free Press seeks access to Form 477 data.
  • Periodicals' plans for iPad publishing pop up
  • Businesses Want Apple's iPad, Too
  • A cut fiber optic line leaves thousands without phone service for 7 hours
  • Thought For The Week—Evolutionary scientist wins controversial religious award
399 March 19, 2010
  • Flora and Fauna in Southern Illinois
  • Editorial "On Broadband"
  • “Knowledge Is Power”
  • Big Problems With The Newsletter
  • AAPC Meets with the FCC
  • Hacker Disables More Than 100 Cars Remotely [via paging]
  • Connecting America: The National Broadband Plan
  • FCC's plan for broadband Internet access falls short
  • Daniels Electronics Completes Factory Acceptance Testing of second order from Philippines Electric Utility
  • BloostonLaw Telecom Update
    • FCC Adopts National Broadband Plan
    • FCC Proposes USF Contribution Factor For Second Quarter
    • USAC Seeks Guidance
    • Court Upholds FCC In Exclusive Contracts Case
  • Motorola bosses still earning a fortune despite pay cut
  • Court: Pennsylvania DA Can't Bring 'Sexting' Charges
  • AT&T Zero phone charger won't draw power by itself
  • Thought For The Week (Psalm 37:5-6)
398 March 12, 2010
  • AAPC Meets with the FCC
  • Why Should I Join The AAPC?
  • What Is Very Important In This Newsletter?
  • Author has the book on Blackberry
  • Cellphone Inventor Uses a Motorola Droid And a Jitterbug
  • Aquis Communications Announces Launch of UnityAlert™ Emergency Mass Notification System
  • Daniels and Catalyst Shipping Second Generation IP Digital Wireline Connectivity
  • BloostonLaw Telecom Update
    • FCC proposes to transition High Cost Fund to support broadband over 10 years.
    • Strickling, Adelstein update House panel on broadband.
    • Genachowski outlines small business proposals in NBP.
    • FCC may release spectrum for “free or low cost” broadband.
    • Comment cycle set for rural radio proceeding.
  • Prepared Remarks of Chairman Julius Genachowski, FCC, Martin Luther King, Jr. Library, Washington, D.C.—March 10, 2010— "Delivering on the Promise of Equal Access to Broadband for People with Disabilities"
  • ComScore: Motorola, BlackBerry rule U.S. market
  • Software-Defined Radios Are Here Now
  • Thought For The Week (It's a joke.)
397 March 5, 2010
  • Editorial on Change
  • Global Paging Convention—June 16 - 18, 2010 Charleston, SC
  • Cancer Risk of Cell Phones at Issue in Legislative Hearing
  • Publishers make way for the iPad
  • Sony Readies Gadgets to Rival Apple
  • Microsoft's desktop future may look like a phone
  • BloostonLaw Telecom Update
    • FCC Proposes $25K Fines For Failure To File CPNI Certifications.
    • FCC Chairman wants to free up 500 MHz of spectrum for wireless, spend up to $18 billion on public safety operations.
    • Proposals for Tribal lands.
    • FCC releases latest report on telephone number utilization.
    • Ad Hoc Coalition seeks to suspend enforcement of USF reporting rules.
  • Will the smartphone replace the PC in three years?
  • Prayer pager, thought behind it, inspires, gives hope to recipient
  • Chilean quake shortened a day by 1.26 microseconds, JPL scientist says
  • Thought For The Week
396 February 26, 2010
  • Editorial on Expressing Yourself
  • Global Paging Convention—June 16 - 18, 2010 Charleston, SC
  • USA Mobility Reports Fourth Quarter and 2009 Operating Results
  • Editor's Analysis
    • US Paging Market Report
  • Prepared Remarks on Broadband by FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski
  • More Prepared Remarks on Broadband by FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski
  • U.S. Refines Quake Alerts
  • BloostonLaw Telecom Update
    • FCC proposes changes to procedural, ex parte rules.
    • NPRM launched on 700 MHz band equipment design, procurement practices.
    • FCC unveils certain parts of National Broadband Plan.
    • FCC allows E-rate schools to give communities access to broadband during non-operating hours.
    • House panel seeks info from rural telcos on access charges, traffic pumping.
  • Will Motorola Move to California?
  • Motorola Golden-i, Virtual Display for Outdoor Types
  • PC World's Performance Test
  • Letters To The Editor
    • Anonymous
    • Radio Club d'Haiti
  • Thought For The Week
395 February 19, 2010
    Don't miss the exciting and revealing report from Ken Pearce on his trip to Haiti — in the LETTERS TO THE EDITOR section. Ken has reported some of his observations that you won't see on the television news.
  • Battery Discount deal for AAPC members
  • Morris County creates paging system to link emergency squads in one network
  • Daniels Electronics receives its largest single order - $6.5 Million
  • California Bill calls for cell phone radiation disclosure
  • USA Mobility Sets Date to Report Fourth Quarter and 2009 Results
  • BloostonLaw Telecom Update
    • NTIA Issues Round 2 BTOP Application Guidelines
    • Snow ices FCC, Congress.
    • Modified CPNI annual certification due March 1.
    • FCC releases new census tract-level data on high speed Internet services.
    • Virginia receives two BTOP grants totaling $21.5 million.
    • Google plans to test super-fast broadband network.
  • Motorola extends and amends Jha's employment terms
  • WiMAX to Cover 1 Billion by 2011
  • Verizon and Skype - Who's the Winner?
  • RIM Unveils WebKit Internet Browser to Compete With IPhone
  • Letters To The Editor
    • Ken Pearce
    • Anonymous
  • Thought For The Week
394 February 12, 2010
  • Apple iPad
  • Off-Topic Editorial: Embarrassing Events In US History
  • AAPC's new Battery Discount deal for members
  • Motorola to split into two units in early 2011
  • Robert W. Galvin inducted into Six Sigma Hall of Fame
  • Apple inside: the significance of the iPad's A4 chip
  • Interactive Textbooks Headed to iPad, Report Says
  • BloostonLaw Telecom Update
    • FCC Postpones Open Meeting Until Feb. 18 Due To Snowstorm
    • Congress begins to probe proposed Comcast/NBC deal.
    • Info collection mandated by NET 911 Improvement Act.
    • “Closed” Broadcast Construction Permit Auction (No. 88) set for July 20.
    • California Commission seeks direct access to NORS database.
  • Interview's iPad Demo Is the Future of Magazines
  • Motorola Introduces USB WiMAX Docking Station, Improving Indoor Performance
  • NotePage, Inc. Launches an Educational SMS Learning Center
  • Rumor: Microsoft looking at purchasing Research In Motion
  • Letters To The Editor
    • Jim Wiesenberg
    • Ron Mercer
  • Thought For The Week
393 February 5, 2010
  • HAITI Communications
  • SHAME on USA Mobility
  • Out of touch: Pager provider abandons area (USA Mobility)
  • Judge rules RIM did not infringe on Motorola patent
  • AT&T Launches Mobile Paging and Group Notification Solution for Healthcare Organizations
  • Healthcare's Cypress Selects IgeaCare for Communications Solution
  • BloostonLaw Telecom Update
    • Modified CPNI Annual Certification Due March 1
    • RUS awards $310 million in Recovery Act BIP grants.
    • RUS provides additional resources to potential BIP applicants.
    • FCC sets comment dates on FNPRM for testing Emergency Alert System.
    • FCC seeks comment on data fields necessary to implement LNP.
    • FCC seeks comment on NECA’s proposed 2010 modifications to average schedule formulas.
  • Editorial: U fumbled after campus shooting
  • EWA Comments Favor Utility Request for Public-Safety Frequencies
  • Zetron Prepares Tennessee PSAP for Next-Gen 9-1-1
  • Thought For The Week
392 January 29, 2010
  • *IMHO* How iPad Will Change The World Of Wireless Messaging
  • Motorola on its breakup plans
  • Global Paging Convention
  • Mixed Comments Filed in NPSTC’s 900 MHz NPCS Request
  • Biz Break: Apple's iPad: a 'game changer'? Plus: Microsoft earnings
  • Medicine is the Apple iPad sweet spot
  • BloostonLaw Telecom Update
    • FCC Announces Tentative Agenda For February 11 Open Meeting
    • FCC proposes tougher TCPA restrictions for “Robocalls.”
    • FCC announces Auction 87 procedures, deadlines.
    • Reminder that BTOP/BIP applicants must meet certain obligations.
    • FCC issues order to promote competition in video distribution market.
    • FCC affirms waiver for whole body scanning imaging system.
  • No Magic answer to pay boxes [ParkMagic]
  • Letters To The Editor
    • James Beckham
  • Thought For The Week
391 January 22, 2010
  • Global Paging Convention
  • Ten years of BlackBerry
  • IS PAGING DEAD? by Ron Mercer
  • Daniels Electronics Technical Training Course
  • BloostonLaw Telecom Update
    • NTIA, RUS open second round of broadband grants.
    • FCC issues HAC reporting enforcement advisory.
    • FCC adopts order, FNPRM to clear 700 MHz band for public safety 4G consumers.
    • FCC seeks comment on national EAS testing.
    • DoJ seeks access to NRUF data.
  • Haiti survivor 'saved by first-aid iPhone app'
  • Alaska broadcasters serve as testing ground for nation's emergency alert system
  • Letters To The Editor
    • Is Paging Technology Dead?
    • Report From The CES Show
  • Thought For The Week
390 January 15, 2010
  • NPSTC Wants To Take 900 MHz Paging Channels Away From Carriers For Public Safety Use
  • IARU Region 2 Requests Frequencies Be Kept Clear After Massive Earthquake Strikes Haiti
  • Daniels Electronics celebrates its 60 Anniversary
  • Smartphones aren't omnipresent, at least not yet
  • Industry Responds to Haiti Relief Efforts
  • Motorola rethinking spin-off
  • BloostonLaw Telecom Update
    • FCC Asks For One-Month Extension For Delivering National Broadband Plan
    • FCC tweaks auction rules.
    • Court affirms FCC order that ISP-bound traffic is interstate, interexchange.
    • NCTA allies back attack on USF high-cost support.
    • Comment sought on facilities siting recon request.
    • FCC names “Blogband” official part of record.
  • BloostonLaw Private Users Update
    • FCC Seeks Comment On Signal Booster Issues
    • AAA Seeks Approval For Frequency Coordination
    • FCC Addresses Maritime Reconsideration Petitions
    • FCC Reduces Forfeiture For Nevada Yellow Cab
    • FCC Denies TSPA Request To Relax Tower Siting Rules
  • Alaska broadcasters serve as testing ground for nation's emergency alert system
  • Letters To The Editor—Is Paging Technology Dead?
  • Thought For The Week
389 January 8, 2010
  • Marty Cooper Receives Prestigious Award
  • AAPC Announcements
  • Pager Technology — Dead or Alive?
  • Exclusive to the Wireless Messaging Newsletter — Death of the PSTN — by Vic Jackson
  • Intel's Otellini Talks Up 'Westmere' Chips, WiDi
  • Bank Thieves Foiled by GPS-Spiked Cash
  • Google Nexus Offers Little Competition to Apple iPhone
  • Hands On with The Motorola Backflip
  • White House Names Ham as New Cybersecurity Coordinator
  • Letters To The Editor
  • Thought For The Week

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