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Friday, August 24, 2012

Dear Friends of Wireless Messaging,

Sorry, but there will be no newsletter this week. After having oral surgery, your editor has decided to take a couple of days off. I hope to be back in touch with you next week. If you come across any news item that you think should be in the newsletter, please send it to me. It will help us all stay connected and informed.

One little tidbit of news. . . I have been listening to the U.S. shortwave station WWV (from the National Institute of Standards and Technology) for over 55 years. It transmits on several super-exact frequencies and announces the accurate time every minute. Well, I was tipped off by one of the discussion groups that I subscribe to, that they were occasionally announcing the wrong time. So, I listened to it and—sure enough—the time as announced was sometimes wrong. I can be sure because I have two GPS receivers that give me the exact time. Anyway, I sent the WWV station manager an e-mail and he answered back that they were checking but couldn't find anything to confirm what I had heard, but that they had changed a low-voltage power supply board feeding the voice. This is unsettling! If I can't trust WWV who or what can I trust? Sort of reminds me of an ex-President of the United States getting on TV and saying, “I never had . . . ” Oh well, never mind.

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Have a great weekend everyone.

With my best regards,


Brad Dye, Editor
Wireless Messaging News

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